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Precise Analysis. Genuine Care. Extraordinary Results.

Nationwide Tax Care offers professional tax payer assistance using proven methods to strategically negotiate the best possible outcome. Our highly experienced enrolled agents can assist you with audit defense, tax preparation, establish collections holds, and stop wage garnishments and bank levies from occuring. We may even be able to settle your tax liabilities for much less than was originally owed, through what is called an Offer In Compromise. Our tax experts, at Nationwide Tax Care, are available to be your dedicated representatives to save you the most money, while working to resolve your IRS and state tax liabilities in the shortest amount of time possible.  Below is a brief summary of how our process works step by step.



Step 1

Establish a temporary collections hold to prevent garnishments and bank levies from taking place. We then conduct a thorough investigation with the taxing authorities. After the investigation, we perform a financial analysis to qualify you for potential settlement agreements or long term payment plans, based on your current financials.



Step 2

In order to be entered into a formal resolution with the taxing authorities, you must be compliant with your tax return filings.  Our enrolled agents will prepare any unfiled tax returns. Did you lose your W2's or 1099's? We have direct access to the IRS, and are able to obtain your wage and income transcripts to accurately prepare your returns.



Step 3

This is the final step in resolving your tax matters.  Our enrolled agents will negotiate a formal resolution with the taxing authorities based on your disposable income. Once we establish a formal agreement with the taxing authorities, you will no longer be susceptible to garnishments or bank levies.

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